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Another crucial role for Rao Ramesh

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Only a hero is no longer enough these days to make films, but the appropriate casting is necessary to take any film to the next level. While big stars like Mahesh and Allu Arjun can take charge of the entire film on their own, other heroes must strike an appropriate balance so that the film’s outcome is not compromised.

In the recent super hit of Prathiroju Pandage if Sai Dharam Tej is the hero, the second hero of the film is Rao Ramesh who assumed the responsibility of carrying the emotional, sentimental and comic quotient of the film. More and more critics believed that without Rao Ramesh, the film’s outcome would have been something else. And it even seems that Sai Dharam Tej agrees.

After the famous character artist played his father on their previous outing, the mega hero now has him play with his uncle in the upcoming Solo Brathuke So Betteru. Sources have revealed that Rao Ramesh’s role will be like another second hero for Sai Dharam in this project, as the whole film is based on his theory of living a single life.

Directed by the newcomer Subbu, the filming of the film takes place at a sustained pace, the hero wishing his release at the end of the summer.

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